Hello Chaos players, parents, friends and family.,
Welcome to my homepage for the images I capture of the 2017 Chaos 2026 team. This page will serve as the landing page for image galleries of each game I shoot. As long as you bookmark or subscribe to the RSS feed for this page you can access all galleries without having to know the link to each game.
Images can be shared and low res digital copies can be downloaded directly from the gallery for free. If you would like to have prints delivered directly to your door a price list and cart is posted in each gallery. Although I do love shooting the kids and use it as a way to get out of coach mode, quite a bit of time goes into capturing, editing and posting images. If you feel so inclined donations are happily excepted. In each gallery you will find buttons to make donations. If you would like to view more of my Pro level work please visit my website.
Randy Harris