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Hello T-BOPS and other orchid fans. Thanks for stopping by the gallery. This page will house my collection of orchid images. Most will be images of rescues I've found and rehabilitated.
Stop by often I will be updating as new plants come in or bloom.

Be sure to sign the guestbook and let me know which image is your favorite.
Be Safe
Be Kind
Never Give Up On'Em
Phal Equestrian Print-2069No ID Rescue Phal Print-2072White and Pink Moth Orchid Print-14No ID Rescue Magenta Print-No ID Rescue SM-00133D Pot with Esq. Phal.-3D Pot with Esq. Phal.-0110No ID Rescue SM-00013D Pot with Esq. Phal.-0101Esq. Phal. One Flower-0101Ella Full Bloom-1Ella Full Bloom-2

Guestbook for Black Orchid Project Images For Print
Cindy Marlow(non-registered)
Hi, Randy. Well, it looks like I might be your newest T-BOP (and yes, that is a clever acronym!). I would like No ID Rescue Megenta (Magenta, sorry, proofreader nerd here). I like your channel because you share what most of us consider to be difficult information in a very straight forward and easy to understand way. Thanks for that!
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