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Welcome to the Frisco Fury High School spring portrait page.

The process of ordering has changed.

Going forward you will simply choose and pay for the image(s) you would like to own. The original image will then be edited to match the sample and delivered to your inbox for you to download and print at home or take to your favorite printer. One price allows you to print as many copies as you need. For your convenience professional print ordering can still be available at a discounted price through a personal gallery if desired.
Simple ordering
No delivery fee
Unlimited personal printing
Digital copy on hand for electronic sharing
The process is simple. Please see video or read below

Individual or Memory-Mate:
1. Select the ”BUY” button under the photo of your player you would like for your individual portraits
2. Select the Style (individual or memory-mate)
3. Continue to the checkout if done

Team:1. Click the “BUY” button under the team photo
2. Click the + sign next to Team Digital
3. Continue to checkout if done

Once I receive notification of your purchase your chosen image(s) will then be edited and returned to a personal gallery for you to download or print at home. For your convenience print options will also be available . This process also allows you to ship images directly to friends and family.