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My name Is Randy and I am the Dad of two of the kids in the camp this week. By now you have probably figured out I am a professional photographer.
I have uploaded the images here for your enjoyment. ​They are available for download free for digital use. The downloaded images will not print clearly. If you want a print they can be ordered directly from the galley at a reduced price from my regular print rates.
If you choose to order prints the branded watermark will not be present on the print. Depending on the size you will probably get a warning that the image will not print at the current resolution. Continue with the order I will replace image with a high resolution copy during the approval process. All purchase images will be further edited and cropped to ensure the best look for the desired size.

To download the images click on the image, click on the "menu" tab then click download. You can also build your own"favorites" gallery and download them all at once. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

The gallery will be active for 30 days from the last day of camp.
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