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Welcome to the vs. Wakeland image gallery.
This gallery is for the enjoyment of friends and family of the players, coaches and parents.
The gallery and individual images can be shared to social media directly from the galley. Low res digital copies can be purchased and downloaded directly from the gallery. These images are not printable but will look good on all digital devices.
High resolution digitals are printable up to the stated size. This is the best option if you would like to print multiple copies of your favorite images. If you would like to have prints delivered directly to your door a price list and cart is posted in each gallery. I only made sizes up to 8x10 available. If you would like larger prints let me know and I can arrange for that.
Although I do love shooting the kids and use it as a way to get out of parent mode, quite a bit of time goes into capturing, editing and posting images. Please no image capturing or screen grabs. If you have questions feel free to contact me via the "contact" button above.
Randy Harris
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